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About Us

The Kinecta Express Prepaid Visa® card is issued by Kinecta Federal Credit Union.

Kinecta Federal Credit UnionOur History
In 2007, Kinecta Federal Credit Union acquired Nix Financial, a wholly owned subsidiary and Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO). Headquartered in Manhattan Beach, Calif., Kinecta Federal Credit Union is one of the nation’s largest credit unions, with approximately $3.18 billion in assets as of June 30, 2012; 22 branches; four retail mortgage centers and more than 230,000 members nationwide. Headquartered in Manhattan Beach, Calif.,

Kinecta offers its members a full range of financial products through the Credit Union in California, with a loyal customer base of 600,000.

Through this acquisition, Kinecta made the strategic decision to provide underbanked communities with affordable, convenient credit union services through an established, trusted channel.  Kinecta provides consumers with a broad spectrum of alternative and traditional financial products along with the ability to easily join and use a credit union in a way that’s accessible and acceptable to them.

Kinecta Federal Credit Union is taking a revolutionary approach in delivering safe, convenient access to a full range of financial services to underbanked communities in a uniquely credit union way, unprecedented in its method and scale.

Our Mission
Our mission is to bring consumer banking back to underbanked communities who need and deserve convenient access to a full range of affordable credit union services.

The Challenge
The Kinecta model is uniquely designed to overcome the tremendous barriers that exist in moving from alternative financial services to traditional financial services.

With a vast gap between alternative financial services and traditional financial services, there is a tremendous need in many Southern California communities for innovative solutions that help consumers access financial services that better serve and protect their interests. 

Kinecta is working to bridge this gap through a unique model designed to improve access to traditional services and financial capabilities in an entirely new way.  We believe we can make a significant difference in these communities and lead change by example across the entire industry.


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